Audiophile Quest in Escape From Tarkov Explained

Audiophile is a pickup type quest in Escape from Tarkov which is presented by trader Arshavir Sarkisovich Abramyan, regarded by his alias “Ragman.” The Audiophile quest occurs on the most recent place – Streets of Tarkov – that was added to the game in December 2022. Notably, this quest is a continuation of the Minibus and Ballet Lover quests. Players ought to note that this task calls for them to be a bare minimum amount of 25 to get started it. Additionally, you will want to have the Primorsky 46-48 skybridge essential to entire this process.

Here’s all you require to know about the Audiophile quest in Escape from Tarkov.

Audiophile Quest Guidebook

Firstly, for this quest, you require the Primorsky 46-48 Skybridge Key. On 13th January, Battlestate Online games launched a patch no lengthier allowing single-use keys to be acquired or offered on the flea sector. But the excellent information is that the Primorsky 46-48 Skybridge Crucial can be identified in the pockets and luggage of Scavs and in jackets. 

Also, currently, the Skybridge Crucial has 6 achievable spawn locations on the Streets of Tarkov in the exact location. Gamers will need to navigate to the Brodion Pub outside the house of the PMC Scav checkpoint extract. At the time you enter the pub, you will discover the vital in the next places:

  • On the sofa in close proximity to a duffel bag

  • On the bar’s counter

  • On just one of the legs of a knocked-over stool in close proximity to the bar counter

  • On a chair holding paintings

  • On a chair around an unused table

  • In a pile of bins in advance of the bar kitchen

The targets of the Audiophile quest are as follows:

  • Identify the musician accumulating place on the Streets of Tarkov

  • Obtain the engraved guitar pick

  • Hand above the guitar choose

To use the vital for the quest, your PMC will start out just outdoors the Submit Place of work on the Streets of Tarkov. When you are struggling with the submit business as you spawn opposite the Pinewood resort, cross the submit box in front of you and walk straight. You will see an entrance to your correct and when you are in, just take an instant left. You will see another door with a environmentally friendly neon indication listed here. Enter as a result of that door and you will observe a staircase. 

Now, you will have to climb all the way to the incredibly prime and you will be fulfilled with a door you can merely open up, main you to the Skybridge. When you wander a little bit ahead, you will recognize the doorway to Condominium 10 which you need to have to unlock with the essential. When you enter the apartment, take the initially door on your remaining and you will detect a drum set. When you walk nearer, you will finish the to start with part of the quest, which was to locate the collecting spot.

There are 10 attainable spawn spots for the engraved guitar decide in the identical home and in the adjacent bed room:

  • On top of the speaker in the drum package.

  • Inside of the espresso mug on the ground

  • Close to the lamp on the desk reverse the drum kit

  • In entrance of a box on the bookshelf with vegetation in the space

  • In close proximity to the radio on the wall

  • On prime of the pile of guides in the area

  • Near the cardboard box up coming to the blue chair in the bed room

  • Near the iron box in one particular of the bed room shelves

  • Beneath the side desk in the vicinity of the mattress

  • On top of the desk upcoming to the window in the bedroom

When you select up the engraved decide, it is transferred to your quest merchandise inventory and you have to survive the extract to exit the raid to experience Ragman’s rewards. If you fail to extract with this product, you will lose it.

Rewards for the Audiophile Quest

The benefits for the quest are as follows:

  • +17,200 EXP

  • Ragman Rep +.02

  • 87,000 Roubles

  • 91,350 Roubles with Intelligence Centre Degree 1

  • 100,050 Roubles with Intelligence Center Level 2

  • 1× Roler Submariner gold wrist watch

  • 1× Gold cranium ring