Best budget laptops for music production 2023

Recording music on a laptop has never been easier. For the uninitiated, there is all manner of software allowing you to do everything from replicating a guitar amp through to full multi-track sessions with total creative control over recording, mixing and mastering. These days, even the best budget laptops for music production possess enough in the way of performance to get you going.

It can be tricky, if you’re new to the entry-level laptop world, to know where to start though. Perhaps you’re new to recording and don’t want to – or have – a huge amount of cash to spend. Or maybe you’re rekindling an old passion and have seen the world has moved on from tape machines. Whatever your journey to this point, we can find a laptop for recording music to suit your needs. And, while most – if not all – modern laptops will do a job, there are certain things that separate the best budget music production laptops from the rest.