The best audiophile headphones for gaming in 2023

The best audiophile headphones for gaming are excellent for immersive gameplay. You might think it’s overkill to use high-end headphones for gaming, but they can transform your experience. They can simply make your games sound so much better than a cheap headset ever can.

Great audio is a staple of PC gaming, and your PC is very likely set up to deliver everything that excellent audio has to offer. You might want to look into picking up a sound card or a DAC/Amp down the line, but they’re not essential, at least not straight away. These audiophile headphones are the sort that offer impeccable sound quality out of the box without fancy greebles like RGB lighting. The headphones we’ve had cradling our ears for review will produce stellar sound and stand out from the best gaming headsets (opens in new tab) in our testing.