Best PCs for music production 2023: Apple Macs and desktop computers for your home studio

It used to be that when it came to computer music production, it was always a case of getting the biggest and most powerful machine you could afford. These days, it’s more than possible to run your whole studio from a slim and much more portable laptop, but that doesn’t mean that the best PCs for music production are redundant. There’s still room for a dedicated desktop PC in any studio and in this best PC buyer’s guide we cover a varied bunch of different models, with recommendations for a wide range of music production tasks.

Using a laptop is great, don’t get us wrong. They’re convenient, easy to transport, and don’t take up much space – and for some, a simple sub-£/$500 laptop will be enough to start crafting beats and producing basic tunes. For many of us that have dedicated studio spaces, however, there isn’t the requirement to take our rig everywhere. We want our computer to be the nerve centre of our studio; our creative hub. We don’t need something compact – we need something powerful. This is where desktop PCs come into their own, with their superior pound-for-pound performance and upgradability. With that in mind, allow us to shine a light on some of the best PCs for music production.